The challenges facing our planet often seem daunting, but a growing community of young people are taking a stand. These changemakers know that age is simply a number, a number that does not reflect their ability to work collectively to address some of our planet’s […]
Υπόβαλε το όνομα που θέλεις να δώσουμε στον πύραυλο μας και κέρδισε ένα συλλεκτικό δώρο! Οι υποβολές θα είναι ανοιχτές μέχρι τις 23/08/2020! H SPIN – Space Innovation, ο πρώτος οργανισμός που σχεδίασε κατασκεύασε και εκτόξευσε πύραυλο υψηλής ισχύος στην Ελλάδα, γιορτάζει 3 χρόνια και […]
Mission Overview This week is a very exciting week because we can now experience a landmark event in the history of space travel. If all goes to plan on the 27th of May 2020, we’re going to see for the first time in nine years […]
This interview is carried out by Michael Koukouzas, Sara Iturbide, Laura Karvelyte, and Lola Favart, students at Ghent University, in the frame of a group assignment for the Business Skills Course. The assignment’s goal was to gain insight into the extent to which a leader […]
SPIN is a non-profit organization focusing on the development and knowledge-sharing of space technologies, consisting mainly of university students. We believe that scientific knowledge about space should be accessible to young people! SPIN has a great volunteer base consisted of more than 110 trained volunteers. […]
The World of Difference, the Vodafone Foundation‘s program that gives young people the opportunity to change the world with the power of technology, celebrates its ten years and welcomes the ten new winners, including Ilias Psyroukis as the Project Manager of CanSat in Greece 2020. […]
SPIN is the organizer of CanSat in Greece, a national space competition held in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). More than 150 participants are designing and building their educational can-sized satellites for the purpose of carrying out a space mission that they themselves have envisioned. The […]
Given the increasing incidence of COVID-19 virus and the interest of public safety, the Robotex Greece 2020 will be canceled for now. New dates will be announced shortly! The Robotex Greece 2020 is getting ready! SPIN – Space innovation supports the most prestigious robotics festival […]
Last month, SPIN’s Volunteer and former Arduino Team Manager and Intern, Stella Koutsoumpou participated in European Space Agency’s Concurrent Engineering Workshop that took place in ESEC – Galaxia in Belgium. Stella was glad to share with us her experience in an interview. Why did you […]
We are glad to announce that the teams that will participate in the greek space competition CanSat in Greece 2020 have been chosen! High-School Category GKPi – Gymnasium of Kaninthos – Chalkida Aurora – Anatolia College LSS Sat – RoboSpecialists Club of Xanthi SPACE 3 […]