SPIN is the organizer of CanSat in Greece, a national space competition held in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). More than 150 participants are designing and building their educational can-sized satellites for the purpose of carrying out a space mission that they themselves have envisioned.

The Launch Event, the final event of CanSat in Greece 2020, will be held in Athens on April 23-26, 2020. More details about the event will be announced later on.

If you want to help us create a unique experience for competition’s participants, apply to become a volunteer!

What you will be asked to do?

The volunteer will be asked to participate:

  • in 2 training days (3 hours each)
  • in 3 shifts (3 hours each) at The Launch Event 2020*

The volunteer will be responsible for:

  • the preparation of the venue
  • the reception of the participants
  • the CanSat hunting
  • serving the meals
  • overseeing the proper conduct of the competition

What you will earn?

The volunteer will earn:

  • networking with representatives of the space sector
  • networking with high-tech participants
  • complimentary snacks during the event
  • an unforgettable experience

*On April 24, all the participants and the available volunteers will be transferred by bus to the Launch Pad in order to launch the CanSats. The duration of the day will be 09:00 – 20:00 and it will not be possible for someone to be transferred back to Athens by bus.

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