The challenges facing our planet often seem daunting, but a growing community of young people are taking a stand. These changemakers know that age is simply a number, a number that does not reflect their ability to work collectively to address some of our planet’s most pressing issues. The National Geographic Society is inspired by the energy and ambition young people are bringing to the table, and they are thrilled to announce the Fall 2020 National Geographic Young Explorers.

Ilias Psyroukis has been selected as a Fall 2020 National Geographic Young Explorer.
Ilias is a space pioneer, educator, and recognized in Forbes 30under30 Greece 2021 list. Ilias has been focusing on Space Technologies since 2012 and he is now a leading entrepreneur in the New Space Generation in Greece. As Co-Founder & CEO at the SPIN – Space Innovation, Ilias develops training programs to enhance and expand young people’s skills and knowledge, and research and develop new space-related technologies. His vision is to strengthen Space Exploration’s culture in Greece by creating a core development of space technologies, providing the necessary knowledge, laboratories, and networking. Ilias has been recognized by winning several awards, working as a Scientific Advisor at Greek Space Industry’s projects, and being supported by European Space Agency in organizing CanSat in Greece.

Photo by Thalia Galanopoulou | thaliag.com

CanSat in Greece is the first project based in Greece that is supported by the National Geographic Young Explorers Grant. CanSat in Greece is a national space competition held in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). Students are invited to design and build an educational can-sized satellite to carry out a space mission that they have envisioned. The satellite launches onboard a rocket built by SPIN at an altitude of 1km where it ejects and lands safely with a parachute while performing the mission that the team has chosen.

Ilias is now part of #GenGeo, a global community of young people with empathy, tenacity, passion, and an insatiable drive to seek solutions that will build a sustainable future and thriving planet. This is the generation helping to drive progress and mobilize their peers to make a difference in their communities. They are not only advocating for a seat at the table, but they’re asking for even more chairs to be added for young people. National Geographic is proud to offer them that seat. National Geographic is thrilled to invest in their vision, fund their projects, foster connections, and amplify their work.

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