The World of Difference, the Vodafone Foundation‘s program that gives young people the opportunity to change the world with the power of technology, celebrates its ten years and welcomes the ten new winners, including Ilias Psyroukis as the Project Manager of CanSat in Greece 2020.

The young people selected, aged 18-35, will work for 6 months in the Non-Profit Organization of their choice, while the Vodafone Foundation covers their salary and employer contributions.

This year’s winners stood out, not only for their passion for social contribution but also for their technical knowledge, and through the use of the unlimited possibilities of technology, they will have the opportunity to work for the common good. In particular, they will work to meet a wide range of social needs, such as access to the labor market for refugees, the homeless and the disabled, the technological empowerment of the elderly, access to sports for the disabled, the mobilization of young people through the no-formal learning, familiarity with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), STEM student education and experimenting with young people around the creation of satellites, and finally the promotion of ancient monuments in our country.

Rouli Christopoulou, Vodafone Foundation & Sustainability Lead, stated: “World of Difference, one of the longest-running programs of the Vodafone Foundation in Greece, completes 10 years of offering, being a great example of practical community support! All these years, with the support of 79 unique NGOs and 89 young people, we strive to highlight key social issues and cultivate open dialogue with civil society both to raise awareness and to activate all issues that concern vulnerable social groups.”.

At the same time, the Vodafone Foundation, wanting to further strengthen the support of the participants, inaugurated this new year a new collaboration with HIGGS – Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability, in order to maximize the impact of the program on the social ecosystem. The team of HIGGS, the 1st Incubator & Accelerator for NGOs in Greece, will implement training seminars and offer counseling services to young winners and their respective NGOs in which they will work, as well as the knowledge and tools necessary to introduce innovation. at work.

“We envision bringing students into contact with a scientifically and technologically advanced program that will help them understand that our space travel is not only about exploring it but also about improving our lives on earth in areas such as medicine”, said Ιlias Psyroukis, who works at SPIN – Space Innovation. Ιlias will enable students to build their own small satellites, which will help perform important experiments.

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