Projects’ History

It all started with the first CanSat in Greece competition where part of dissemination campaign was the organization of free STEM workshops aimed at high school teachers of STEM background all around Greece.

Since a CanSat is usually built on the open source Arduino platform, the workshops were based on Arduino micro-controller technologies.

Today, having gained a three year experience on organizing and teaching about Arduino in STEM workshops we have expanded our effort and apart from high school teachers are now teaching both secondary school, high school, university students and anyone who is curious about STEM technologies.


Projects’ Mission

SPIN’s main goal for this project is to organize many STEM Workshops for all ages each year, covering all parts of Greece, while delivering a fun, accessible and pleasant learning by doing experience.

The mission of these workshops is to transfer the knowledge of micro-controller technologies, programming, electronics and robotics to schools, enabling them to integrate them into the curriculum while igniting their interest in space.

On the other hand for university students and older we aim to involve them with new technologies and support them through the process of development and implementation of their space related ideas.

More Info

Interested in attending one of our workshops? Make sure you follow us on Social Media so you don’t miss the next one! Are you a teacher or student that is interested on organizing a workshop on their school or university? Contact us and we’ll make it happen!